1. Every Player pays $20 into the pot and is given $100 fake to bid with.
2. The selected movies are bid on in order of release date and alphabetically.
3. The winner is the person who has the highest combined gross of their selections by the end of the game.

Rankings (Gross & Value)

Rank Name Total Gross Total $ Spent Purchases Movies

Rank Name Value

Weekend Movie Rankings

Rank Movie Title Wknd Gross Income Total Gross Income Owner Notes
1 Coco $18,452,315 $135,658,005 Kurtis W.
2 Justice League $9,664,297 $212,129,668 Crystal A.
3 Wonder $8,447,762 $100,300,868 Rob G.
4 The Disaster Artist $6,366,242 $7,963,017 Not in Draft
5 Thor: Ragnarok $6,271,374 $301,136,438 Chris O.
10 Just Getting Started $3,201,459 $3,201,459 Rob G. Opening Weekend

There was literally nothing new opening this weekend, and yet "Just Getting Started" couldn't get anywhere near the top five. A $3.2M opening is abysmal no matter how you shake it.

Upcoming Movies

Ferdinand December 15, 2017 Rob G. $30 3,600
Star Wars: The Last Jedi December 15, 2017 Courtney B. $84 4,175

On December 15, 2015, the mayor of Flint, Michigan declared a state of emergency due to the contaminated water. The declaration also called for a criminal investigation, which has resulted in five charged of involuntary manslaughter and one charge of obstruction of justice. This was led up from August 14, 2014 where a water boiling advisory was issued as well as other terrible discoveries about the water supply. Two months before the declaration (September 11, 2015), Virginia Tech recommended the water in Flint be declared not safe for consumption or cooking. The following month (January 16, 2016), President Obama declared a state of emergency and authorized $5M in aid. This was far from the end of Flint's woes. Fast forward to February 16, 2017 when the CDC found the first genetic link from Legionnaires' disease to Flint's water supply. This was a year after an announcement was made that an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease occurred in Flint between June, 2014 and November, 2015. Days after the CDC announcement, the state considered ending the bottled water distribution to the city. Moving along the time-line, President Trump met with the Flint mayor to discuss infrastructure funding. On March 28, 2017 a federal judge approved a whopping $97M for funding to examine and replace lead water service lines for 18,000 Flint homes. This was to be completed in a three year time frame. Since then, 8,000 residents have either been given notice or had their water turned off because they refuse to pay for the utility, if it can even be called that anymore. This will go down in history as one of the great tragedies of North America. I suppose at the end of the day, what I am trying to say, is that "Star Wars" is probably responsible for the tragedy in Flint, Michigan. Also, "Ferdinand" is coming out this weekend.


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