1. Every Player pays $20 into the pot and is given $100 fake to bid with.
2. The selected movies are bid on in order of release date and alphabetically.
3. The winner is the person who has the highest combined gross of their selections by the end of the game.

Rankings (Gross & Value)

Rank Name Total Gross Total $ Spent Purchases Movies

Rank Name Value

Weekend Movie Rankings

Rank Movie Title Wknd Gross Income Total Gross Income Owner Notes
1 The Secret Life of Pets 2 $46,652,680 $46,652,680 Chris O. Opening Weekend
2 Dark Phoenix $32,828,348 $32,828,348 Kristina V. Opening Weekend
3 Aladdin $24,680,968 $232,566,894 Crystal A.
4 Godzilla: King of the Monsters $15,450,407 $78,507,504 Kurtis W.
5 Rocketman $13,816,016 $50,314,772 Clayton B.

We've been spoiled lately, not having a weekend where everything performed lack-luster. No reason to keep worrying though, because this weekend was a disappointment!

Being on a million screens didn't help "The Secret Life of Pets 2". This entry made $46.6M this weekend. Chris O's furry friends didn't flock to the theatre. I assume the reason is they were busy dressing up as anthropomorphic wolves and giving each other over-the-pants blow-jobs beside a dumpster behind a Wendy's.

I'm glad "Dark Phoenix" didn't make a tonne of money. A message needs to be sent to Fox/Disney. We will not continue to stand by and watch our beloved X-men's faces be ground into the dirt. Depending on the budget, $32.8M might not be that bad though.

Best Value Picks

Normally in these write-ups I'm all "oh, look at all these smart people who make good decisions". You know what? Not this god-damn time! This time I am number one and fuck all the rest of you! I don't care about the other people who had "good picks". You three can shove your "see I know how the game works" up your asses and fart it out your mouths. I made the smartest decision this season! I got the number one pick! I am the only one in this group who isn't racist and believes in black-driven movies! You all better be smiling while you are sucking my dick, because it's a god-damn privelege!

1 Us Jason K. $21 $8,333,616
2 The Intruder Courtney B. $5 $6,990,325
3 Avengers: Endgame Courtney B. $70 $6,642,497
4 John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Kurtis W. $23 $6,029,552
5 Captain Marvel Chris V. $53 $5,769,347

Worst Value Picks (not including the past weekend)

I'm not done with my rant from the last section, you thankless mother-fuckers; except those of you who have sex with moms. In your case, you are just pieces of shit. No one gives a shit about "ooooooo, let's see who got ripped off the most"! Fuck these people! I'm number one! I deserve to sit on that pedestal made from empty pudding cups. Why empty pudding cups? Fuck you! I don't have to explain myself to you! Wait. I'm on this list too? Hmmm. Even the greatest falter every now and then! Learn to be humble and sympathetic you stupid group of trash people!

1 Captive State Kristina V. $10 $595,832
2 Penguins Kurtis W. $7 $1,096,453
3 The Best of Enemies Robyn B. $8 $1,275,702
4 Brightburn Jason K. $10 $1,639,783
5 Hellboy Clayton B. $13 $1,684,904

Upcoming Movies

Men in Black International June 14, 2019 Jason K. $38 3,800+
Shaft June 14, 2019 Courtney B. $9 2,900+

In before "Liam Neeson is the bad guy" in "Men in Black International". Chris Hemsworth needs dolla billz y'all, so thje quality of this film isn't really the point. The damage is done and the paycheques have been deposited. Considering how audiences have abandoned their local cinemas since "Endgame", I don't expect more than $31M this weekend.

Hold on to your butts, gang; we've got black "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" coming out this weekend. By that, I mean the whole "partnering with my son" shtick.This doesn't look like a bad movie. It had a decent enough trailer, but, again, cinemas have been abandoned. $27M.


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