1. Every Player pays $20 into the pot and is given $100 fake to bid with.
2. The selected movies are bid on in order of release date and alphabetically.
3. The winner is the person who has the highest combined gross of their selections by the end of the game.

Rankings (Gross & Value)

Rank Name Total Gross Total $ Spent Purchases Movies

Rank Name Value

Weekend Movie Rankings

Rank Movie Title Wknd Gross Income Total Gross Income Owner Notes
1 Rampage $35,753,093 $35,753,093 Jason K. Opening Weekend
2 A Quiet Place $32,970,049 $32,970,049 Chris O.
3 Truth or Dare $18,667,855 $18,667,855 Kurtis W. Opening Weekend
4 Ready Player One $11,519,388 $114,922,186 Kurtis W.
5 Blockers $10,770,310 $37,403,980 Kurtis W.

"Rampage" needed to have a good opening of $35.8M since it only has a couple of weeks to make all its money before "Avengers" steals every pair of eyes in the world.

I have heard "Truth or Dare" described as a movie so bad you need to see it. I think this is my favorite part of horror. Even the worst are still fun to watch. Considering this revelation, $18.7M is still pretty good for the best worst movie of the year so far!

Upcoming Movies

I Feel Pretty April 20, 2018 Kristina V. $5 3,200+
Super Troopers 2 April 20, 2018 Kristina V. $10 2,000

I'm pretty sure the entire internet (which means the world) hates Amy Schumer now. What a fickle bunch we, as a species, can be. I for one embrace group think. Booo Amy Schumer!!!! Booo, and I don't know why! "I Feel Pretty" is about a woman with body image issues get hit in the head and then get body dysmorphic disorder. At least "Trainwreck" was good. $13M.

I don't think Broken Lizard has made a bad movie. I'm not even being an asshole. I genuinely think this. I also think the "Super Troopers 2" trailer looks like shit. I'm hoping they had so much offensively funny material, that they couldn't possibly have made a decent trailer. It's been too long and nostalgia is probably gone, but $18M sounds reasonable.


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