1. Every Player pays $20 into the pot and is given $100 fake to bid with.
2. The selected movies are bid on in order of release date and alphabetically.
3. The winner is the person who has the highest combined gross of their selections by the end of the game.

Rankings (Gross & Value)

Rank Name Total Gross Total $ Spent Purchases Movies

Rank Name Value

Weekend Movie Rankings

Rank Movie Title Wknd Gross Income Total Gross Income Owner Notes
1 Good Boys $21,402,605 $21,402,605 Chris O. Opening Weekend
2 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw $14,179,135 $133,780,735 Chris O.
3 The Lion King $12,332,686 $496,540,672 Robyn B.
4 The Angry Birds Movie 2 $10,354,073 $10,354,073 Robyn B. Opening Weekend
5 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark $10,008,009 $40,174,793 Clayton B.
7 47 Meters Down: Uncaged $8,427,265 $8,427,265 Kurtis W. Opening Weekend

"Good Boys" was a big success over the weekend, earning $21.4M. With a budget of $20M, this movie is already profitable out the gate. I say, great! If we get more movies of kids swearing and not understanding drugs and sex toys, the world will be a better place. I'm still not sure about this Jacob Tremblay feller, and I think he will still grow up to be an asshole, but... well I suppose that's it.

What the living hell happened to "The Angry Birds Movie 2"? The first movie made $38.2M opening weekend, while this one sauntered into fourth place with $10.4M. We don't see sequels drop off quite that bad typically, but as far as Crystal is concerned, I suppose it's a miracle.

Much further down (I refuse to sumbit to the pun), we have "47 Meters Down: Uncaged". I'm surprised more people aren't into seeing a movie with Mandy Moore writhing (maybe the wrong word) around in a cage, but whatcha gonna do, right? $8.4M isn't the worst we've seen, so take it for what it is.

Upcoming Movies

It: Chapter Two September 6, 2019 Nationwide

A lot of people seem excited for "It: Chapter Two" for a lot of different reasons. My personal favorite "thing I'm looking forward to" was hinted at in the teaser trailer when Jessica Chastain is scoping out her old family home. I want to see some old-lady full-frontal nudity! Awwwwww yisssss. Show us dem boobies! The rest of the movie can probably go fuck itself, to be perfectly honest. Mmmmmmmmm....


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