1. Every Player pays $20 into the pot and is given $100 fake to bid with.
2. The selected movies are bid on in order of release date and alphabetically.
3. The winner is the person who has the highest combined gross of their selections by the end of the game.

Rankings (Gross & Value)

Rank Name Total Gross Total $ Spent Purchases Movies

Rank Name Value

Weekend Movie Rankings

Rank Movie Title Wknd Gross Income Total Gross Income Owner Notes
1 Deadpool 2 $125,507,153 $125,507,153 Crystal A. Opening Weekend
2 Avengers: Infinity War $29,452,903 Oodles Courtney B.
3 Book Club $13,582,231 $13,582,231 The frick is this?
4 Life of the Party $7,603,850 $30,915,357 Not in Draft
5 Breaking In $6,826,385 $29,106,095 Not in Draft

There are two movies in the top five we bid on. "Deadpool 2", somehow, managed to take first place, knocking "Avengers: Infinity War" in its sack. Well played. $125.5M doesn't seem like a tonne of money considering general audiences are only watching two movies right now. Ah well, it will be in the top five for a good chunk of time.

Upcoming Movies

Solo: A Star Wars Story May 22, 2018 Jason K. $55 4,380+

The one god-damn time I manage to get a "Star Wars" movie and its the one that all the nerds have turned their backs on. Eff you nerds! Give Disney your money! The trailer made me think this project started as a space western. The studio likely stepped in and said "this doesn't look Star Wars enough! Change everything!" Enter Ron Howard, probably making all sorts of changes, which leaves us with a product that will probably have tone and pacing issues. At least it will look pretty. A space western wouldn't have had to look pretty. $1. A singe dollar. Probably closer to a proper prediction with that than $150M. Christ.


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